23700_girl_stirring_smile_3_350x526Good Morning Practice:

In this workshop you will learn healthy morning practices that will support you through your day. You will examine your present way of beginning your day and leave the workshop with a realistic plan to fuel your body, mind and spirit in the healthiest way possible. It includes smoothie making.

PHabulous Alkalinity:

Come learn about alkaline foods and why they will keep you healthy. Learn to prepare alkaline dishes, about the 80/20 rule, and simple ways to alkalize your body.

Smoothie and Juice Making:

Come learn the difference between the two, learn tricks of each trade, learn about Superfoods, sample our creations and leave with a few recipes in hand.

Mindful Eating:

Learn how to eat mindfully and why it could help you gain awareness and lose weight.

Meditation and Living Mindfully:

Find out what 10 minutes of silence a day can do for you. Also learn the practice of slowing down by using mindfulness techniques.

Sweet Dreams:

Learn sleep habits to ensure a restful night sleep.

Clean, Green and Lean Cleanse:

A 21 day program that will be suited for your needs and schedule. It is simply doing away with processed foods, common allergens, and foods that cause acidity... and replacing it with a nutrient rich alkaline diet and supplements to support your Cleanse.

Healthy Cooking for Busy Moms:

Easy, fast and nutritious meals for you and your family.

Additional Services:

  • Pantry makeover
  • Refrigerator makeover
  • Grocery store shopping tour

"My aim is to provide you with the best possible experience towards reaching your full health potential. I do this work because it enriches and inspires me. Knowing that I have played a part in someone's blossoming- being part of that experience, is a great privilege. It creates an unending happiness in my heart."

Edibell Stone