About Working With Edibell:

What an amazing person...what an amazing experience. Thank you so much for your knowledge and support. I have learned so much and changed so much for the better. I truly believe it is part of my unexpected early success. Glad to have made a new friend. Highly recommend you in every aspect! Alicia C.

 A huge shout out to Edibell for her knowledge, patience and inspiration in guiding me into a healthier new year! Her nutritional coaching has helped me make better food choices geared to my specific nutritional needs. I strongly encourage everyone to sign up for her detox starting Jan 9th. I was not asked to write a review on her services this was done by me only because I believe so much in what Edibell can do for you. I am positive she can make a difference in your life!  Kara W.
About Edibell's Clean, Lean, and Green Cleanse Program: 

 I finished my 20 day cleanse about a month ago and I still think it is the best thing I've ever done for myself. I am eating better, exercising more and losing weight! Since completing the cleanse I have been out of town every week for long business trips that I involved multiple business lunches and dinners, and have had more business lunches and dinners when I am in town. Normally it would have used it as an excuse to eat bad, not exercise and feel defeated. But the cleanse really helped me clean my head out too. I have not been close to perfect, but have eaten so much better, exercised some, and still managed to lose a little more weight. But, most importantly I have forgiven myself for not being perfect, which then has kept me from giving up. Michelle S.

 Things are going great! I have lost 10 pounds and feel wonderful. Love the Green Supreme II and Glow smoothie at Elwood's!! Cary W.

 This is the end of week one for me so I stepped on the scale this morning and I stood there for a long time trying to be certain my math was correct. I lost 10 lbs in one week! I am still in stunned mode. I followed the cleanse to the letter (and was not ever hungry), but still I am processing the incredible response my body had to the change. Jane A.

 Friday will mark my 3 week cleanse and even when I am tired I still have energy, BEST feeling ever!! Its definitely going to be a way of life for me! Heather R.

 My post cleanse is going well....I have been sticking to probably the same amount of calories, etc. but definitely am doing it a little less strict timing wise. (does that make sense)? One evening each weekend I will splurge a little. 17 pounds down...but have plateaued so I am cranking up the exercise portion as I want to lose 23 more pounds. Feel SO good and have been loving my higher energy levels and sleeping well!!! Catherine V.

 My post cleanse is going great! I feel so good. I'm not tired like I used to be, wake up easier and alert. I still try to drink the CALM and take a bath each night. Still loving the soup and salad routine for lunch. Dinner is salad and veggies and salmon or not. And kitchen still closes at 7:30. Love that. Made my own granola yesterday because I wanted cereal/something crunchy. It was so much better than Lucky Charms:). Still losing weight. 10 lbs so far. Carolyn K.

 My first meditation (yesterday morning on Day 1 on my cleanse) was all about gratitude...that I can: afford to do the cleanse, have beautiful healthy food readily available to me, that my husband and kids (long distance) are supportive of this adventure....and on and on! This cleanse will be much more than shedding some excess weight and getting rid of unhealthy habits.... Michelle P.

 I can really tell a difference in my skin on my face. Much smoother and not so dry. Maybe wrinkles will start vanishing!!! Hahaha. Carolyn K.

 Okay....amazing result here. Pictured is the empty veggie/quinoa soup bowl and green smoothie glass of my daughter! She loved her dinner and her new favorite word is “superfood!" I really did not see this coming! An unexpected and delightful part of this experience! Marcia M.

 So the cleanse and Bikram are a great combination. I almost touched my forehead to my knees in rabbit! For me this is huge, usually my forehead is at least 6" from my knees and I get a horrible side cramp. Yea! Michele S.

 I finished the 21 day cleanse yesterday. I felt good. Nothing "earth shattering," but felt good. Lighter, had more energy. All good, right? People would ask me "How are you feeling on The Purge?" (Ha Ha Ha) I would always say, "I feel good." BUT...today, I took yoga for the first time in two weeks. Well, I was strong. But...here's the cool thing. I was NOT tight! I mean...hamstrings were tight, but my JOINTS were open. Seriously. I couldn't believe it. I haven't done Fixed Firm Posture (all the way back on the floor) for six months because one of my knees has been inflamed. Today...not an issue. I was laying back on the floor thinking to myself, "Holy sh**! I'm going back...wonder if I'll go all the way back...and WOW! I'm on the floor!!!" In Tree Posture, even my tight hip was more open than it's been in as long as I can remember!! It's so cool! Nothing else has changed besides what I have eaten for the past 21 days, so it HAS to be attributed to my intake of superior nutrition. Marcia M.