"How are you attending to the emerging story of your life?"
              Carole Hedgedus and Frances Vaugha
23700_waterfall_1_350x233Our society does not create the best environment for just being. We are constantly rushing from one task to the other, from one meeting to another, all while caring for our children, relatives, and pets. We can't quite imagine slowing down, which strikes us as either a sign of weakness or simply an impossibility.

And yet, there is a high price to pay for our "productivity".

In this rushed life, we tend to forget how valuable we are. Your life story is unfolding; life is happening in the now, in this very moment; it is the very breath you are now breathing.

When we take the time to realize this, we become more aware of our emotions without self-judgment. We smile more. We are less scattered, which leads us to be more productive. Our relationships deepen, we eat better, we love more, we feel alive, we begin to accept what is and we are less judgmental. This process of awakening to the present is called mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a practice. The more we practice, the better able we are to connect with ourselves and the world.  When we work together, you will learn how to be more present in – and get the most out of your own life.