Holistic Counseling

Being healthy isn’t simply about eating more vegetables and talking a brisk walk in the morning.  It's about balance and harmony among all areas of your life eating nutritious foods, sustaining meaningful relationships, doing fulfilling work, moving your body, getting enough sleep, and cultivating inner peace. When one area of your life isn't working as well as it could be, all the other areas of your life are affected.  When we speak of holistic health, we are talking about how all aspects of our lives are interrelated and need to be nourished. Achieving balance among all those aspects of our lives is critical to holistic health.

"In my twenty one years of counseling experience, I have worked with a variety of issues ranging from mild to very debilitating. Personal counseling, particularly when approached from a holistic perspective, is a powerful vehicle for personal growth and transformation."

In our counseling sessions, we'll take that holistic approach. You will learn how to nourish your life in all areas, relinquishing self-defeating behaviors with ease and discovering how your strengths can bring you health of mind, body and spirit. I will support you with many simple, doable, practical tips and exercises you can use to create a more satisfying life for yourself, a healthy way of living that comes naturally and with ease.